We can trace the humble beginnings of My Philippines Lifestyle Inc as a small garments and handicrafts company in 2003.  Back then, the products that we made were already uniquely Filipino, and the nationalistic theme that’s to take My Philippines where it is today was already taking root in our company.  Our Filipino handicraft products were all hand-made by traditional Craftsmen from Paete, Rizal.  Aside from selling souvenir shirts, My Philippines made shirts depicting Filipino culture and way of life.  Without knowing it, My Philippines became the Original Pinoy Lifestyle Brand, jumpstarting the Pinoy Lifestyle Graphic Tees Craze of the past decade.

Due to challenging international business environment, the decision was made to abandon the handicrafts line. And the path was laid out for My Philippines Lifestyle Inc. - to be a pioneer and cornerstone in Pinoy Lifestyle Apparel.

From our modest 1st outlet in SM Harrison, My Philippines would hit the mainstream consciousness of Filipinos in the Philippines, and abroad.  As of this writing, we now have 34 outlets across the country (all in SM Department stores and KULTURA branches nationwide) as well as various dealers overseas. 

Today, My Philippines features a complete Pinoy lifestyle line.  We have the ever-present souvenir shirts, "positive” statement shirts, Pinoy culture inspired shirts, Philippine flag-inspired apparel, jackets, jerseys, shorts, polo shirts, caps, bags, as well as other small trinkets. We strive to keep our designs up to date, modern, and innovative, while keeping true to Filipino culture and values.

Looking back, we remember how our paths have crossed other genuinely Filipino icons.  In 2006, we took in as our endorser the PACQUIAO family, in our "Jinkee and Boys” campaign. 

In 2007, we partnered with SAN MIGUEL BREWERY, needless to say a pillar of Philippine beverage industry, as it is a distinct Philippine cultural icon in itself.  Since then My Philippines has held exclusive rights to design, manufacture and sell San Miguel T Shirt Merchandise in the country. 

We partnered with national artists in the likes of BENCAB and MALANG in 2008 where we featured their masterpieces in limited edition Work-of-Art T Shirts.  

In 2009 we joined forces with various personalities from Television to sports to charity, to hold a fashion show with a cause; "NATIONALISMO” where we launched a collection of statement shirts. Each statement shirt in the collection was worn by a guest model in the fashion show. And as the guest model personified the message portrayed by a statement shirt, My Philippines donated a portion of the sales of that particular statement shirt to a charity of the guest model’s choosing.

In 2011, GINEBRA GIN, a staple drink in the Philippine countryside and the number 1 gin in the country, tapped My Philippines to design, manufacture and sell GINEBRA T Shirt Merchandise exclusively.

In looking forward to ten years of business this 2013, our efforts to align ourselves with positive Filipino figures have never ceased. Respected newscasters, wholesome celebrities, athletes representing our country overseas continuously wear My Philippine shirts and merchandise. 

This 2012, we have expanded our merchandise lines and made a renewed commitment in making the quality of our items truly world class.

As almost a decade has passed, we ask ourselves why we do what we do.  We examined the motives and the joys that drive us.

For each garment that bears our brand and our country’s name, over a hundred pair of Filipino hands help create.  From raw material to finished product, in a time frame of at least a hundred days from start to finish, My Philippine spurs local livelihood and trade. We are proud to say our items are truly home grown.

To foreigners we promote our country and represent our culture.  Among Filipinos here and those living abroad, we champion a cause greater than our own, nationalism and love for our country.

In the coming years, we wish to make a stronger impact on the youth.  Through our products, we wish to transform the mindset of our youth from an unsure imperialized attitude to a mindset that truly embraces, welcomes, believes in and patronizes FILIPINO.  We look forward to the day that we can see and claim how our products- and other Pinoy Lifestyle brands’ too- have helped in improving our nation’s consciousness, and perception of itself.






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